Glorious Rebels

Break the cycle of insanity and emotional burnout, using a unique approach to recovery.

Are you tired of looking for joy in people, places or things that only leave you feeling empty?
Are you ready to BREAK FREE from the toxic cycles in your life, but don't know how? 
Are you ready to experience FREEDOM?

Then you have come to the right place.

Addictions are often born out of unresolved trauma from our past. 

It doesn't matter what it is. You could be addicted to working out, a string of bad relationships, or like me, lots of booze and weed. 

The point is, you are trying to numb out or find yourself in something that is leaving you feeling EMPTY.
Addictions only leave us empty, never filling our soul.

Addictions come in all flavors.

Emotional burnout is real. It can be hard to manage daily tasks when you are burned out and seeking to continually numb yourself from reality.

You are here because you KNOW that all the attempts to fill the hole in your soul, never quite satisfies, but always leaves you wanting MORE and MORE and MORE.

here’s the truth:

The cycle is like being on a merry-go-round of misery. 

#1 Trigger, Pain, emotions or situations to "escape from"

#2 Substance or habit use gives temporary relief

#5 Consequences often lead to shame, blame, or guilt. We beat ourselves up, drop into self loathing or even worse, self harm.

#3 "The reward", temporary relief. You are distracted for a little while, and the voices in your head are briefly quiet. 

#4 Consequences.

You may have some time off from using, or this cycle may immediately repeat.


It could be that you KNOW you need something but haven't found the "right thing" yet.
You hate going to meetings.
Trusting people can be a challenge.

I am here to hold a loving space and frequency and meet you where you are.

This group will be a SAFE SPACE for you to evaluate your healing and recovery needs.

You've tried to recover alone and you can't - that is why you are here!

You don't have to go it alone! We recover better together.

This is a membership where you will find HOPE and HEALING

We will be working through the Russell Brand book "Recovery", and working the 12 steps. This could take 7-12 months to complete. It will go as quickly or slowly as it needs to for the benefit of the all in the group.

This is for you if:

You are absolutely desperate for recovery & healing.

It used to be fun but now it's a problem, and the negative consequences are too much.



You are ready to BREAK FREE to live your best life

This group will be a safe space, of confidentiality, and ZERO hostility of any kind will be tolerated!

This is NOT for you if:

You are not ok with hearing the F word, frequently

You are not open to ALL HUMANS, regardless of gender identity, gender expression, sexuality, race, religion, political views, etc.

You are not willing to be personally responsible for your own sobriety or recovery

You are not willing to be HONEST with yourself

• This is an OPEN and LOVING group for ALL HUMANS, and we are here to create a SAFE SPACE for recovery and healing.
• This is a "judgement free zone" - COME AS YOU ARE!
• Anonymity & confidentiality are basic requirements.
• Your recovery & healing is YOUR responsibility! No one else's.

group Basics

• Each week there will be ONE Hour of teaching from the Russell Brand book "Recovery", freedom from our addictions. I will also be talking about my own recovery journey and how the book is relevant to the experience.
• We will be working through the exercises in the book.
• This will be via Facebook LIVE and a replay will be made available outside of Facebook for those who need it.
• Each THURSDAY 5:30PM EST. Replay will be available. 

Membership details

I am available to answer any questions you may have!

Hi, my name is Candace and I’m “Coach Aunt Candy”. I have 25 years of corporate sales and marketing experience, which I am now using to serve the LGBTQ+ community. My goal is to spread a message of LOVE, hope, acceptance, and equality. I’m here to empower and encourage, while offering tools for healing & recovery from past hurts, rejection, or addiction. All my love.